Parallel Ants at IWANN 2011

Some days ago we presented at the IWANN Conference our new work devoted to study the parallelization of Multi-Objective Ant Colony Optimization algorithms (MOACOs) following different schemes.

It was a very funny presentation (and very interesting, of course :D), because the slides included some CC memes. ;)

These are the slides:

The whole paper can be found here.

Enjoy them! ;)

Tunneling Between Optima: a new operator for the Traveling Salesman Problem

El lunes que viene día 30 de noviembre, el profesor Darrell Whitley dará una charla con el título superior y el siguiente contenido

The first part of this talk will present a tutorial on local search
and evolutionary algorithms for the Traveling Salesman
Problem (TSP). The second part of the talk will introduce a
new recombination operator for the TSP. The operator
can recombine parents in such a way that offspring inherit
all shared edges. Offspring also only inherit edges from parents.
When applied to solutions that are already local optima,
the operator automatically generates samples of new
local optima without applying any additional local search.

La charla tendrá lugar a las 12 de la mañana en el salón de Grados de la ETSIIT.