Early prediction of the outcome of Starcraft Games

As a result of Antonio Álvarez Caballero master’s thesis, we’ll be presenting tomorrow at the IJCCI 2017 conference a poster on the early prediction of Starcraft games.
The basic idea behind this line of research is to try and find a model of the game so that we can do fast fitness evaluation of strategies without playing the whole game, which can take up to 60 minutes. That way, we can optimize those strategies in an evolutionary algorithm and find the best ones.
In our usual open science style, paper and data are available in a repository.
Our conclusions say that we might be able to pull that off, using k-nearest neighbor algorithm. But we might have to investigate a bit further if we really want to find a model that gives us some insight about what makes a strategy a winner.


Dark clouds allow early prediction of heavy rain in Funchal, near where IJCCI is taking place

StarCraft protagoniza la reunión semanal de 30/oct/2017

En la pasada reunión del grupo Geneura, Victor estuvo exponiendo al resto de asistentes el trabajo denominado Predicting the Winner in Two Player StarCraft Games que fue publicado en el congreso  CoSECiVi’15 por el profesor Antonio A. Sanchez-Ruiz.

El enlace a la presentación está en https://vrivas.github.io/explicando-sanchez-ruiz-2015/output/index.html