About Spanish Football and Finances

Spanish Football Clubs’ Finances: Crisis and Player Salaries

Barajas and Rodríguez showed us the financial situation of Spanish professional football in 2008. Their abstract is as follows:

«This paper shows the current financial situation of Spanish professional football. Different financial ratios are used in order to classify the financial position of the different teams. The study has been split between clubs in First or Second division. We also analyze the relationships between the size of market, team payrolls, and team performance. We demonstrate the financial problems created by the arms race that clubs have started for getting the most talented players for trying to get the best possible sporting outcome. The new Spanish Law for companies in financial distress has implied that nine clubs are technically insolvent and under administration. We have searched for possible explanations of that situation. Nevertheless, our financial variables do not explain the likelihood that a club goes into administration.»

It’s good to talk about football from time to time (especially if we are referenced in their paper).

Art and Science

I finally uploaded the two essays on art and science I wrote last year (one for an exhibition and catalogue of the Portuguese artist Leonel Moura, the other one for the catalogue of an exhibition that was held in Lisbon, called Inside): creative leaps and consilience (english versions; you may find also in my webpage the same texts in portuguese). They discuss art and science, in general, but, of course, photography and bio-inspired computation, my main interests, are present.