Mathematics applied to the maintenance of radio communication devices

Yesterday, Alexander Lyubchenko, post-doctoral researcher from Omsk State Transport University, made a report on the topic “Mathematical support for preventive maintenance periodicity optimization of radio communication facilities”.

The presentation was:

He presented the results of his research field and shared with us ideas for future work.

A small discussion took place concerning the application of another research approaches for solving the presented task, which could provide better efficiency and accuracy of calculations… Somebody said Evolutionary Algorithms? Yes, of course! :D

Thus, it is possible to conclude that the organised event was productive.

Alexander is doing a short visit to our group until next June.

This was a triumph: Evolving intelligent bots for videogames. And for Science.

Today I gave the talk entitled «This was a triumph: Evolving intelligent bots for videogames. And for Science» to the students of the High School IES Montes Orientales. I talked about the concept of Evolutionary Algorithms, and then I presented some of our results of their application in games such as Planet Wars, Unreal, Starcraft or Content Generation.

Other members of the ETSIIT gave other amazing talks about Free Software, Artificial Vision, Robotics or Language Processing. Hopefully we will get some of these student working with us in several years!