[EuroGP’2011] A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Genetic Programming

Right today, April 28th, we have been presenting the paper «A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Genetic Programming» in EuroGP 2011  held in Torino, Italy within the Evo* conference series.  You can find below the abstract and the presentation of the work.

This paper proposes a fine-grained parallelization of the Genetic Programming paradigm (GP) using the Evolvable Agent model (EvAg). The algorithm is decentralized in order to take full-advantage of a massively parallel Peer-to-Peer infrastructure. In this context, GP is particularly demanding due to its high requirements of computational power. To assess the viability of the approach, the EvAg model has been empirically analyzed in a simulated Peer-to-Peer environment where experiments were conducted on two well-known GP problems. Results show that the spatially structured nature of the algorithm is able to yield a good quality in the solutions. Additionally, parallelization improves times to solution by several orders of magnitude.

Paremeter Tuning (and a bit of Control) in EAs

As I promised, I gave a talk about Parameter Setting (Control and Tuning) to other GeNeura members (and invited!). This talk is based mainly in a cool (and easy to read!) work of A. E. Eiben and S.K. Smit (download draft here), but recently a new version with more information and stuff has been published in Journal of Swarm and Evolutionary Computation (you can download the paper directly from Eiben’s webpage here). The first one is more introductory but the second delves into the more technical aspects.

The slides are here (sorry, they are in Spanish :(  )

Also you can download the Keynote (.key) file from here. It includes EPIC mega-hella-awesome-mac-transitions! (yeah, I have to admit I was willing to give a talk just to show my new Mac’s awesomeness, sorry).


Talk about parameter setting in Evolutionary Algorithms

Next friday I’ll give a talk about parameter control and parameter tunning (focusing in the latter) in EAs. I’ve read several papers of professor A. E. Eiben, about this interesting area and I will explain the differences among several kinds of parameters, different classification of settings and the state of the art with examples. You are all invited.

Date: Friday 15th. 12:00 pm.

Place: Sala de Juntas, ETS. Ingenierías en Informática y Telecomunicación. Universidad de Granada.