KohonAnts Slides (ALIFE XI)

Hello again to everyone!

These are the slides of the presentation of KohonAnts algorithm in ALIFE XI conference. ;)

It is an hybrid Ant Colony and Self-organizing Map algorithm for clustering and pattern classification.

A bit late, but I had some troubles with slideshare…

In any case…….Enjoy it. ;) :D

Here you can see an example of the evolution of the ants in the grid for the IRIS dataset:

Ants movement in the toroidal grid

Ants movement in the toroidal grid

Green class is quite similar to the other two classes, so it is difficult to get a fine cluster with it.

Thanks to Dave Oranchak. ;)


13 thoughts on “KohonAnts Slides (ALIFE XI)

  1. I look forward to it. It would be really interesting to see an animation or movie of the ants as they move and cluster over successive generations. :)

  2. Thanks for your interest, Dave. ;)

    If you want, you can download it from:


    Since there is an error with the geneura repository at forja.rediris.es… :(
    (internet does not like myself… XD)

    The application is very easy to use (and to configure), but there may be some bugs because it is ‘under construction’. ;)

    You can try it and see ‘the movement’ of the ants in the grid if you set the pause mode at every iteration. ;)

    I wish you like it. ;)

    Please let us now whatever you think about this.


  3. jj, we finally implement the ‘visual’ version of the application… no more ugly text logs…

    Ok, maybe in background, but you can enjoy the amazing (and colored) graphics and forget that. ;) :D :D


  4. Antonio,

    Thanks for sharing the software! It is very interesting to experiment with. Here is a quick animated GIF I made of the Iris classifier:

    It is about 2.5 MBytes in size.

  5. Woa!
    It’s excellent, Dave.

    Can I include a link in the original post?

    We have to continue improving the algorithm because it is avery promising tool.

    But in a few weeks, because we (Carlos and me) are now writing our Thesis. :-( :D

    When we fix the troubles with forja.rediris, you can experiment with the source code, if you want. ;)

    Thanks again.

  6. Certainly! Go ahead and link.

    I noticed that Weka includes SOMs in their classifiers – it would be nice to see KohonAnts included there some day!

    Best of luck with your thesis!

  7. Thanks Dave,
    we keep in touch. ;)

    Probably we will contact you in some weeks with a new version. :-)

    Best regards,

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