New paper on evolution of XSLT stylesheets uploaded to ArXiV

A new paper, Improved evolutionary generation of XSLT stylesheets, has been uploaded to ArXiV. It’s been accepted, as poster, to the GECCO 2008 conference, so we conveniently publish the full paper here as a reference. Here’s the abstract:

This paper introduces a procedure based on genetic programming to evolve XSLT programs (usually called stylesheets or logicsheets). XSLT is a general purpose, document-oriented functional language, generally used to transform XML documents (or, in general, solve any problem that can be coded as an XML document). The proposed solution uses a tree representation for the stylesheets as well as diverse specific operators in order to obtain, in the studied cases and a reasonable time, a XSLT stylesheet that performs the transformation. Several types of representation have been compared, resulting in different performance and degree of success.

As the paper says, full source is available from our SubVersion repository