Magical Science! (MSc)

Last friday I returned from the First Ferguson World Tour Of Science. I was traveling around Europe in order to present some things about my research.

First we arrived at Dortmund, Germany, where the Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN 2008) was celebrated. There I presented my paper «Evolving XSLT Stylesheets for Document Transformation» that you can download from here.

You can see me in this photo that JJ took explaining my poster to a great audience:

I hadn’t any problem explaining it. Nobody came to complain about colours, XML future, or typos in the word «Conclusions». Oh, wait, I could remember… no, nobody came.

Here you can see me doing some magical science. Mmmh, who will be these guys sitting in that table?

After that I went to Castellón (Valencia, Spain) to present my paper «Algoritmos evolutivos distribuidos sobre dispositivos Bluetooth» (in Spanish, as you can see, but you also can download from here).

I’m uploading my own photos to my Flickr account.

Just to say that it has been an awesome travel around the world! I met a lot of interesting people and learnt a lot. Yeah, I really love the researcher’s life.

The title of this post is due to today I received my MSc degree (I presented this paper in Granada, where I am a grad student).

See ya in PPSN

Today is the last, final and defintive day for submitting papers to the PPSN (Parallel Problem Solving from Nature) conference, and I think we’ve beaten some record here, since our research group (the extended GeNeura, with visiting researchers, other partners in research groups, and so no) is submitting 10 papers. Taking into account the usual PPSN acceptance rate, we’ll probably only manage to get 3 accepted, so anything more than that will really be a success.
There are several evolutionary computation conferences out there, some of them good, some not as good, but for us PPSN is the absolute best. This would be the seudo-20th anniversary (actually, 10th edition, 18th anniversary), and for us it would be our personal 12th anniversary, since the first time we had something admitted in that conference was in 1996, and we haven’t failed a single one (even organized one of them). So even if this year we’re attending all EC conferences there are (CEC, GECCO -yes, GECCO-, Evostar), we really can’t miss this one.
So if you are submitting to PPSN (more than 220, for the time being), good luck, and see you there!