Optimización evolutiva de bots para el juego Planet Wars

Aquí está la presentación del trabajo que da título al post. Es una versión actualizada del trabajo que se presentó en el IWANN 2011, así que os refiero primero a esa versión por si no estáis al tanto.
For information about an early version of this work (in English) please check here.

EDAs for solving Mastermind at NICSO

The NICSO 2010 talk is taking place as I type this, quite undercrowded due to flight problems, but it’s one of the places where we are presenting new work on Mastermind. In this case, we have presented the paper Adapting Heuristic Mastermind Strategies to Evolutionary Algorithms, by Tom Runarsson and myself. This paper is actually previous to the work we presented in EvoStar. In this paper is where we describe the results we found about the size of the subset of consistent combinations you have to use. OK, I lost you here, but you can watch the presentation

or download it from here. Fee license, as usual, and check the notes for the attribution of pictures.