A formal workshop on informal computation

Through the conferences we have attended, there have been several papers on what we would call informal evolutionary computation: peer to peer computing, browser-based distributed evolutionary computation, or even fluid evolutionary algorithms. This is a topic we like, but we think that it has not been sufficiently covered by special sessions or workshop, that is why we proposed a workshop on this topic and we called it International Workshop on Distributed Evolutionary Computation in Informal Environments, IWDECIE, which was accepted.
If you work on this topic, we would be delighted to hear from you and having you present a paper at this first edition of the workshop. We are requesting a (minimum) two-page extended abstract, with final papers due right before the workshop. Papers will be published in ArXiV during the conference, but after the event we will be considering them for a special issue in the Natural Computing journal.
And we don’t do spam, so you will not receive an email from us unless you subscribe to one of the mailing lists we have sent the announcement, so we ask from you to pass this announcement to those you know that could be interested in the subject (and with a personal message, if possible). Thanks!

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