Also in Rome… Evolvable Agents and Population Structures

In addition to our improvemnts to the Sandpile operator, we were also presenting at LION conference a study on the performance of different population structures over our P2P optimization model. The paper is entitled “Analysing the Performance of Different Population Structures for an Agent-based Evolutionary Algorithm” and will be available soon as an LNCS publication.

You can find an abstract and the presentation bellow.

The Evolvable Agent model is a Peer-to-Peer Evolutionary Algorithm which focuses on distributed optimisation over Peer-to-Peer infrastructures. The main idea of the model is that every agent (i.e. individual) is designated as a peer (i.e. network node) and adopts a decentralised population structure defined by the underlying Peer-to-Peer protocol newscast. In that context, this work aims to compare performances of the approach considering two additional population structures other than newscast: a ring and a Watts-Strogatz topology.


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