CHAC, the Military Ants in the press around the world

Last Friday, 6th of November some news related to the mini-simulator which we have developed for the implementation and test of the algorithms based in the ants’ behaviour to search for the best path (attending to the speed and safety) in a military battlefield, were published. :)

This new appeared firstly (in May some days after my PhD Tesis lecture) at the Press  site of the University of Granada.

But last Friday, the new was published by some other webs, as AlphaGalileo, EurekAlert and RedOrbit. Then it appeared in many other scientific news webs (AECC, SoftPedia, ScienceDaily, Physorg, LabSpaces, TMCnet, First Science or Science Centric).

In addition it has appeared in some general news online sites (mainly in Asia): Sindh Today, New Kerala,, South Asia News, CBNews and Breaking News among others.

Finally, the new has been also introduced in some blogs, forums and social nets (Blog.Taragana, BizFace, Defense Forum India, Twitter).

Thanks a lot for the interest in our work and let us know if you need some documentation or other stuff concerning to it. ;)

The application can be downloaded from our group’s project site in forja.rediris (is the project hCHAC), and it has been developed under a GPL license, so it is free to download, use and even modify, but following this license restrictions. :)

Best regards.


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