Biogeography based optimization

Today, due to lack of volunteers, it was my turn again to deliver a paper seminar, and I chose Biogeography-Based Optimization, recently published in IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.
Interesting paper: a new nature-inspired algorithm from first principles. Conceptually, it is quite similar to estimation of distribution algorithms. The main concept is that of habitat, which have characteristics (represented by a vector) that make them suitable for a certain number of species; the better the HSI (habitat suitability index), the higher the number of species it can support. The population can migrate from one habitat to another, with flow going from those with more population to those with less population. Habitat characteristics can also change, in a way similar to mutation. Migration takes the place of crossover, with habitat variables migrating from those with a high population with those with a low population.
This more or less simple model yields rather good results, although it will probably be developed further in the future. It would be interesting, for instance, to add population structures, or to see how it could be paralellized.

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