Automatic Generation of XSLT Stylesheets Using Evolutionary Algorithms

Finally I’m going to be present in the Mankind History after my first publication in an international conference! It just a poster, but it’s still quite cool. It was presented in the GECCO’08 Conference, in  Atlanta, where some intrepid GeNeura members drank a lot  of Coca-Cola, even the (suspicious) beer flavoured Coca-Cola.

Here is the abstract:

This paper introduces a procedure based on genetic programming to evolve XSLT programs (usually called stylesheets or logicsheets). XSLT is a general purpose, document-oriented functional language, generally used to transform XML documents or, in general, solve any problem that can be coded as an XML document. The proposed solution uses a tree representation for the stylesheets as well as diverse specific operators in order to obtain, in the studied cases and a reasonable time, a XSLT stylesheet that performs the transformation.

You can download the draft from here, or the poster from here. The poster is orange, perfect for these summer days ;)

Now I am preparing my suitcase in order to go to the PPSN conference in Dortmund, where I will present an improvement of this algorithm.



2 thoughts on “Automatic Generation of XSLT Stylesheets Using Evolutionary Algorithms

  1. As well as that, it also includes a new operator that outperforms the results, and a new way to create the output xmls.

    But the most important improvement is the number of pages, of course.

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